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Helpful Legal Resources in Bristol

Richard Shepherd’s clients are generally resourceful and robust preferring to retain control over their affairs. Whether your matter is about Employment, Inquests or Regulatory Crime, Richard recognises that not every legal issue, not every dispute or concern will necessary require a lawyer’s input. Therefore, in order to assist you in resolving your issue without requiring further legal help in Bristol, a list of useful resources has been compiled that deal with many of the common issues, in each of Richard’s specialism areas.

Of course, Richard cannot control the content of these external resources and he does not guarantee that the content is up-to-date, correct or accurate. However Richard has used his discretion in selecting only recognised bodies and resources. It is hoped that they will be of assistance to you.


Dismissing Employees
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
Equality and Discrimination
Settlement Agreements
Stress at Work

Coroners & Inquests

Online resources for Inquests and other matters relating to the Coroners Courts aren’t always as comprehensive or easy to use as they should be. However, set out immediately below are the most useful resources for most people:

National Archives
Provide some records for Coroners’ Inquests.

Coroners’ Courts Support Service
Gives a good overview of the process and can give extra (non-legal) advice and support.

Has a downloadable guide to the Coroners and Inquest process.

Inquests and Coroners UK, LinkedIn Group
A group aimed at Inquest and Coroners’ Courts professionals but providing useful , up-to-date, information about developments in the area.

Regulatory Crime

The term ‘Regulatory Crime’ covers a broad spectrum of criminal offences, from Road Traffic Offences to Nuclear Waste prosecutions and therefore it is not possible to provide resources to cover every eventuality. Nevertheless, these resources should provide a good starting point to undertake your own research:

Sentencing Guidelines for Corporate Manslaughter and Healthy and Safety Related Deaths

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Provides guidance and information relating to Health and Safety at Work.

Crown Prosecution Service guidance for Road Traffic Offences

Environment Agency
Contains information through the Gov.Uk website regarding environmental offences and prosecutions.