Employment Disputes

Employment Law Barrister in Bristol

Case Review & Assessment

Whether your case is about redundancy, unfair dismissal, discrimination, tupe or unpaid wages, Richard Shepherd has done it and seen it all. Having worked as a specialist employment law barrister in Bristol, the Southwest and across the UK for over a decade, there is little he can’t help you with.

Whether your intention is to negotiate a settlement, dispute a case to the end or something in the middle, by having the benefit of a Case Review & Assessment you will know, at an early stage, the good, the bad and the ugly. This advice, given by an independent, dispassionate ‘fresh pair of eyes’, will put you in control. Richard will provide you with practical, plainly spoken legal advice.

By Getting in Contact with Richard for a Case Review & Assessment, you will have the benefit of developing a case strategy in the full knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you the knowledge to make a well informed, sensible business decision.

Court & Tribunal Representation

Why instruct Richard over anyone else, to represent you in Court or Tribunal? Simply ask yourself, what does my business consultant, my insurer or my solicitor really know about employment law? Have they tested their knowledge in the Employment Tribunals across England and Wales, in the County Court, in the Employment Appeals Tribunal, in the Court of Appeal?

By seeking Representation from Richard you can be sure that the service you will receive is not just based on a text book, on a Google search, a review of the ACAS website or even on a downloaded app, it is based on hard won experience, knowing what works and doesn’t work in the Employment Tribunal or County Court, you will receive the benefit of that expertise in everything he does.

Recommended in Legal 500 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, why not rely on Richard’s ‘persuasive submissions’ and his ‘tenacious...cross examination’ to benefit your case.

Internal Investigations & Grievance, Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures

One of the most difficult areas in employer-employee relations arise in relation to grievance and disciplinary issues. Richard provides internal investigation services and can act as the investigator and/or determining officer in disciplinary, grievance and appeal procedures.

If an employee is dismissed after disciplinary, or a grievance is not resolved to an employee’s satisfaction, these matters can end up in the Employment Tribunal, with the internal investigation and determination of these issues being scrutinised, in minute detail, by the Employment Judge. By Getting in Contact with Richard, you will have the reassurance that your disciplinary and grievance issues are being taken care of by someone who knows and understands the Tribunal. This experience will assist you in avoiding the common and not-so-common mistakes.